A newborn baby is only a newborn from birth to 2 weeks old, it is therefore preferable to capture their cuteness between 6-10 days old. Your newborn is a work of art and I will strive to create beautiful portraits that will ensure the memories of this special moment will last a lifetime. I am blessed with the task of capturing this new life, the tiny pea fingers and toes as well as the unique features and innocence of your newborn. Newborn safety is my main concern during the shoots. I will always ensure that your newborn is safe and will put their comfort first. Sessions are tailored around the uniqueness of each newborn and allows time for feedings, cuddles and pampering.

Zoe Newborn 2 Zoe newborn 3Zoe Newborn 1 Newborn 3 Newborn 2 Newborn 1Golan Newborn 2 Golan Newborn 1Christian newborn 1 Christian Newborn 4Christian newborn 2 Christian Newborn 3

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